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Artworks: Commentary

Commentary    Nature    Nudes

 - Urban Icon series - Golden boy
Silkscreen on a plastic lenticuler print.
Golden Boy
 - Urban Icon series - Paper weight
Silkscreen on lenticuler print.
Paper weight
 - Urban Icon series - Rocking boat
Silkscreen on lenticuler print
Rocking boat
 - Urban Icon series - Screw loose
Silkscreen on a lenticuler print.
Screw loose
 - Urban Icon series - Smile
Silkscreen on lenticuler print.
  Title:Looking for friends
Looking for friends - Sports boycotts - South Africa 80`s
 Catch of the day
Linocut: H60cm x W80cm
Catch of the day
 History: Makana - Resistance fighter / mystic / Robben Island prisoner + escapee.
 JAC/HGP - Printmaking Sans Frontiers, linocut project, London, 2019 Artist: GiacimoRUN Title: Angry guy Title: Magic goggles
The two linocuts were produced by the artist in collaboration with Jonathan Comerford, as part of the JAC/HGP Printmaking Sans Frontiers, linocut, project.
Title:  Magic goggles Date: 2019  Medium: Linocut
 JAC/HGP - Printmaking Sans Frontiers, London, 2019 Artist: Lynden Page Title: Uboma Buka Zama-Zama
Title: Ubomi Buka zama - zama Artist: Lynden Page JAC/HGP - Printmaking Sans Frontiers, Golders Green, London, 2019
Ubomi Buka zama - zama -  quadriptych
 Linocut: Full moon flight
Full moon flight
 NO 2 WAR #1 Kitch says..........!
Medium: Woodcut/stencil/hand colored
 Rosie says........NO 2 WAR
A hand-colored woodcut and stencil.
Rosie says........NO 2 WAR - Red/Gold text
 Seaweed Dodgem Boats
Linocut: H60cm x W80cm
The Seaweed Dodgem Boats
 The Zeeleu Lights
Linocut: H60cm x W80cm
The Zeeleeu Lights

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