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1. Blue head - Silkscreen - Image: H56cm x W76cm Portrait
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Blue head - Silkscreen - Image: H56cm x W76cm - landscape
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Conversation - Silkscreen - Image: H56cm x W76cm

Hakim Anitolo Odo L`aiye - The world is a river.

Hakim Anitola - British Nigerian artist

Odo L `aiye - The world is a river and people are its water.

Artist: Hakim Anitola - Artwork
Master printmaker: Jonathan Comerford

The world is a river and people are its water.

Jonathan Comerford, a freestyle master printmaker, invited Hakim Onitolo, an accomplished artist printmaker, colorist, and academic to collaborate to produce a series of editioned and unique silkscreen prints. The outcome resulted in a series of over fifteen unique pieces as well as one limited editioned suite entitled The conversation.

The process was a conversation between the artist and printmaker using multiple screens and techniques to produce the multi-layered work which evolved over an intensive period of collaboration over two weeks.

The published body of prints is the result of an initiative in collaboration with artist/ master printmaker/funder Jonathan Comerford aka Hardground Printmakers. The two artists recognize the need to engage in a multitude of ways continually and creatively. This collaborative project made use of existing networks with artists suppliers and cultural outlets.



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