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Jonathan editioning - H G Printmakers 2016 CapeTown - HGP Pop up studio @ D6 Home Coming Centre
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Jonathan editioning - H G Printmakers 2016 CapeTown - HGP Pop up studio @ D6 Home Coming Centre
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Dosa Masala - Max Wolpe
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Mind games - Manda Vanyaza
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Tik en die duiwel..... - Garth Erasmus
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Power - Edwine Simons
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Now and again - Randy Hartzenberg
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Cape Harmony - Joshua Miles
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New - Artist Donavan Ward
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Title: Back home Artist: Sophie Peters
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Title: Windhond l Artist: Clare Menck
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Title: Gecko head Artist: Nicolaas Maritz
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Title: Interior Artist: Johan Louw

Printmaking Sans Frontiers Linocut project 2016 -Cape Town, South Africa 2016

Printmaking Sans frontiers linocut project

The Sans frontiers linocut collection consists of a portfolio of Fine Art prints by South African artists produced and published, by printmaker Jonathan Comerford ( Hard Ground Printmakers ). Each artists was invited to create an A4 size image on a lino - block using their own subject choice. The artists cut the lino - block to proofing stage and then printed by Jonathan Comerford at a sight specific Hard Ground Printmakers relief print workshop, at the District Six Museum Homecoming Centre in Cape Town South Africa.

Artists:  Erasmus Garth / Hartzenberg Randy / Louw Johann / Maritz Nicolaas / Menck Clare / Miles Joshua / Peters Sophie / Simon Edwine / Vanyaza Mandla / Ward Donavan / Wolpe Max


The project is named Printmaking Sans Frontiers.It references the concept to challenge the boundaries of printmaking, the skills of the artist and collaboration between artist`s and master printmaker, non - thematic restrictions and cultural diversity consequently the uncertain and diverse outcomes.


The Sans Frontiers linocut collection is a portfolio of prints by printmaker Jonathan Comerford working with invited artists. It is a platform enabling the artist recent imagery in collaboration, with a master printmaker working in a print studio and therefore crossing borders in technique used, image making and cultures. This in turn showcases professional ideas and technical diversity through collaboration.

This project was initiated by Jonathan Comerford. As part of the London leg to the Sans Frontiers portfolio and each participating artist was recognized, associated, discovered and or recommended to the printmaker.


To produce a single colour linocut print using a diverse range of hand applied techniques. To introduce the artists to the studio, it`s printmaking facilities and develop the collaboration Sans Frontiers enabling self sustainability both for the artist and the project


Each artist was required to create an image 2ocm x 40cm(A4) using one colour. The work needed to articulate visually the artist`s current practise, by means of a monochrome linocut print. Printing the images would be completed by Jonathan Comerford at the Homecoming Centre Cape Town in collaboration with the artist.

Print Brief

Due time and economic constraints, the Internet, mobile technology, social media and direct telephonic consultations between artist and printmaker helped with communication enabling the fluid prior production of creating the lino-blocks. This method allowed the artists to work in their own studios together with continuing support from Jonathan Comerford in London before printing the work in Cape Town South Africa. 

 In lieu of participation

Each artist received 50% of the printed edition plus 5 artists proofs. All individual artists had at their disposal 12 hours studio time, technical support and print materials to enable each artist to produce their work.


I would like to acknowledge my appreciation to the sponsors for their support of both the Hard Ground Printmakers Sans Frontiers linocut portfolio and the District Six 50th Commemoration print exchange.

Hard Ground Printmakers (South Africa) - materials, press and technical support

Michael Graglia (United States) flight ticket

Stefan Hundt (South Africa) - Accommodation /transport

 Home Coming Centre District Six Museum (South Africa) - studio venue / exhibition / staff assistance

The Cape Gallery (South Africa) - artist facilitation / exhibition.

Each sponsor received a Hard Ground Printmakers Sans Frontiers linocut portfolio of 11 unique linocut prints.

All works published and printed by Jonathan Comerford / Hard Ground Printmakers, Cape Town, South Africa.

In 2019, Jonathan Comerford gifted a Printers proof 3/5 portfolio of prints to the South African National Gallery, IZIKO Print Collection.




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