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The Tin Boats portfolio.

This portfolio of Lithographs is about life cycle, imagining the challenge of launching into a transition from an old to a new world. 

The call is for contenders to launch their small vessels of humanity into the sea of life. The captains stand ready,the mists of time cascade from their pinnacled hats, the wail of the bullhorns calls for challengers whilst others wade and wallow in the sea.

New horizons can be seen in the distance yet are still to be journeyed to.

The relationship between the images explored in the Lithographs are of my raising by immigrant British parentage and the symbolic closure of an historical period in my family`s life from a pre and post apartheid Souh Africa.

The visualy symbolic launching of a tin boat represents the beginning of a new life cycle journey, courageous adventurers like a `ship of fools`!

The origin of the tin boat or tin canoe, an historical icon of the Western Cape seaboard,is from my childhood growing up in Sea Point where I was given one of these canoes made of corrugated iron,wood and tar.Youngsters of the time used them as a form of recreationto surf and sail before the introduction of the modern fibreglass surfboards. the canoe fuelled my imaginationby the stories of people who used to use them; how humans are drawn to the challengeof the sea and the need to invent vessels to travel upon it. As urban legend goes, there were even attempts to reach Robben Island. the craft were sleek yet difficult to handle in the water,which apparently,provided for numerous daring challenges.

This portfolio of Lithographs was produced and presented, by Jonathan, for his Post Graguate Diploma, with Destinction, at Michaelis School of Art, UCT Cape Town, November 2005.  

  • All prints in the portfolio are hand printed on Hahnemuhle 100% cotton paper,180gms. the printing was done on a Takach press.
  • Paper/ image size: H52cm x W38cm
  • Limited edition 7/7
  • 1 boxed set and prints for sale. Contact artist for prices and availiability of prints.
  • Portfolio`s in collections: Michaelis School of Art - Sanlam collection.  

All works are for sale.

Sales enquiries for the United Kingdom, Europe and the USA please contact:

 Jonathan @

Sales enquiries for South africa please contact:

The South Afriacn  Print Gallery @ 109 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town Tel: 021 4626851 E-mail:

Click the image for a view of: The moons a balloon.
The moons a balloon.
Click the image for a view of: Victor
Click the image for a view of: The Contestant
The Contestant
Click the image for a view of: Calling all contestants
Calling all contestants
Click the image for a view of: In coming tide
In coming tide
Click the image for a view of: In the drink
In the drink
Click the image for a view of: King of the castle
King of the castle
Click the image for a view of: Knowing the ropes
Knowing the ropes
Click the image for a view of: Launching
Click the image for a view of: On the brink
On the brink

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