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Hard Ground Printmakers - printmaking Sans Frontiers, Linocut, programme - Cape Town, South Africa 2019

Hard Ground Printmakers
Printmaking  Sans Frontiers, Linocut, programme 
 Cape Town
South Africa 

The Sans Frontiers Linocut programme is initiated and run by artist/printmaker, Jonathan Comerford in conjunction with Hard Ground Printmakers (CTown). 
The objective of this ongoing site-specific programme is to bring together artists from the various communities of Cape Town and to provide them with the opportunity to experience collaborating with a master printmaker to produce a linocut print in a professional environment. To create an image of their own choice, be provided with both technical assistance and materials to enable the artist to produce a linocut.  

Project description:

The HG Printmakers Relief Printmaking portfolio projects aims are to initiate the collaboration between a diverse group of South African artist/printmakers through printmaking, on this occasion linocut. To foster unity amongst artists, showcase the visual diversity of contemporary South African art and the South African diaspora.


HG Printmakers primary objective is to produce a professionally produced body of prints with which the artist and HGP can use to, sell, distribute, promote, share or donate to support personal self-sustainability. Jonathan Comerford / HG Printmakers has funded the production of a single linocut print of A4 size format, providing lino blocks, cutting tools, paper, printing, studio access and both technical and administrative support. The projected outcome of an edition of 40 prints, inclusive of artist and printers proofs will be shared equally between the artist and HGP. 

Click the image for a view of: Jonathan preparing the press for printing
Jonathan preparing the press for printing

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