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Urban surveillance

The works describe the continued exploration, by the artist, in the dealing with human relocation and identity influenced by global economics, politics, conflict andconsumerism.

The milieu in which the artist lives and works, in London,influences his use of subject material. Collaging the use of found, drawn or photographicmaterial ,such as maps, road signage, industrial equipment, found objects and the ubiquitous wooden pallet, to describe movement and change. The repetative use of the the wooden pallet, a universal form of shipping, as a metaphor for a platform, raft or a craft, on which people or commodities are consigned, to be transported to set destinations.

Printed on 320gsm 100% cotton Photo rag - natural white - pearl finish

The portfolio is printed inan A3format.

Paper size : H42 x W30cm

Image size:H30X 20cm

Price: £ 60 each

( excludes post and package )

Click the image for a view of: Stemming the flow
Stemming the flow
Click the image for a view of: Raft of suggestions
Raft of suggestions
Click the image for a view of: 2. Kentucky cycle pallette
2. Kentucky cycle pallette
Click the image for a view of: 1. Raft cycle
1. Raft cycle

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The gallery presents work produced by master print maker, Jonathan Comerford, since 1989, in collaboration with artists from Southern Africa, Europe and the United States.
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